BitcoinSOV had a fair start.


of the supply was pre-mined for the creator of BSOV.


BitcoinSOV is and has always been 100% dependent on getting community members to support the project financially. Donated funds go towards exchange listings and paying contractors to do e.g video animations.



Has been donated by the community.

You may donate ETH or any ERC20 to the donation wallet: 0x1F66c853151d585732B3A20e246F89c9664924D6

Or BTC to this wallet: bc1q6qghdexfxnrs3kzxm6g0uglrtfj9ashyrlssv0

Fund History


Has been spent.


16th of August: 0.87 ETH was used to pay for 3 articles – Worth about $320 at the time.

21st of May: 2.28 ETH was used to pay CoinTelegraph for an article, translated to a couple of languages – Worth about $482 at the time. [We figured out we were scammed by someone pretending to be CoinTelegraph, so the article was never published.]

19th of May: 0.7 ETH was used to pay “Crypto Lady” for a BSOV review video – Worth about $148 at the time.

3rd of March: 5.82 ETH was used to pay Mercatox for an exchange listing – Worth about $1324 at the time.

Who controls the donation wallet?

Currently the donation wallet is owned and controlled by the creator of BSOV. His pseudonym is Mundo, and his telegram-handle is @MundoBSoV. The community is currently planning the creation of the “First BitcoinSOV Foundation (BSOV-F1)” using a multi-signature donation wallet, so that funds become safer and not centrally controlled.