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Not extremely difficult

Believe it or not – Mining is not that difficult for people who are already technical minded. It’s easy to learn with the instructions on this page. Nearly any computer can start mining BSOV, but the computers with high-end graphic cards are the ones which are the most efficient.

An ERC20 which is mineable = ERC918

Mining BitcoinSOV works differently than normal Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) mining. In BSOV, the miners are not verifying transactions, and there is no consensus mechanism. BSOV mining is performed by interacting with the BitcoinSOV smart-contract, which provides the mathematical challenges. The BSOV smart-contract was copied from the open-source code of the cryptocurrency 0xBTC, which was the first mineable ERC20 token, creating a new token standard called ERC918.

Recommended equipment

  • FPGAs = More profitable.
  • GPUs =  Less profitable.
  • ASICs = Not yet made for BSOV.

Mining with GPUs

Recommended operating system right now is Windows and Linux. You can see an overview over user-submitted GPU stats to see how your graphic card can eventually perform. For the SoliditySHA3-algorithm that BitcoinSOV uses, usually Nvidia GPU’s (like Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti) are the most efficient.

FPGA – Get the most profitable miner

If you are more technically advanced, then you can buy a FPGA miner and reprogram it. If you know how, then please tell us, so that we can share a tutorial with the community!

BSOV shares the same algorithm as 0xBTC/0xToken, so there are ways for you to start mining BSOV with FPGA.


In the future: If adoption continues, there may be developed specialized mining units called ASIC to mine BSOV tenfolds more efficiently. These machines may make GPU-mining nearly obsolete, just like CPU-mining was made obsolete earlier. If you are interested in buying a FPGA or an ASIC, then you will have to stay updated before they eventually are sold out of stock. Some companies rent out FPGAs online too.

Rent equipment

If you don’t have a an FPGA or GPU, you may find websites which rent out FPGA or GPU-servers.

Mining calculator – How much can you mine?

In the Stats-page, you will find a mining calculator.

BSOV Mining pools

Community Mining Pools

Anyone can create their own mining pool and get listed on this pool list. The fee listed here may not be updated/correct – Please make sure the fee is correct.

10% Fee – by @devkon69 (Contact on Telegram)

Foundation Mining Pool

The upcoming First BitcoinSOV Foundation (BSOV-F1) will soon release a mining pool with SovCube 2.0 integrated.

BSOV Mining Instructions

How to mine BSOV with FPGA

Usually you will need to use a mining pool with your FPGA. A tutorial for mining BSOV with FPGA is not created yet – Will you be the one who creates it?

How to Pool Mine (GPU)


How to Solo Mine (GPU)

Written tutorials (GPU)

Windows 10 Solo-Mining Guide by Mining Chamber [external link]

Solo Mining (CPU/GPU) [external link]

Mining Software (GPU)

SoliditySHA3 miner [external link]

LtTofu’s Cosmic miner [external link]