BSOV Swarm

“WikiLeaks has kicked the hornet’s nest, and the swarm is headed towards us.” - Satoshi Nakamoto

These were one of the famous last words made by the creator of Bitcoin (BTC), after made headlines by leaking confidential United States government documents. The connection between Bitcoin and was made after the whistleblower website received large donations of BTC by anonymous supporters. After this incident, Satoshi Nakamoto was never heard from again.

Are you ready to become a “bee” in the BSOV Swarm?

Get ready for a tactical crash course in how to change the world, and inspire others to believe in deflation and financial freedom.

What is a BSOV Swarm member?

The “bees”, or members of the BSOV Swarm are volunteers who actively engage in activites, which aim to spread the deflationary and financial-freedom ideology of BitcoinSOV.

How was the BSOV Swarm concept created?

The BSOV Swarm is a concept that was defined in the Burning Handbook for Deflationists which you can find in the Become a non-violent Deflationist page. You can read more about it there.


You can become a good BSOV Swarm member if:

  • You are well informed about cryptocurrencies.
  • You are able to intelligently speak about your right for financial freedom and freedom from inflation.
  • You have studied all the aspects of BitcoinSOV (BSOV), and stay updated on news.
  • You take part in discussion of BSOV and relevant topics.
  • You act non-violently.

The First Task: Reach 100,000 Signatures.

Sign the petition: Stop government’s monopoly of currency at

This “First Task” was mentioned as the first task in the Burning Handbook for Deflationists: Reach 100,000 signatures for the petition at You can share this link with friends or with people you think may be interested, or even share it online.

Examples of what to do as a BSOV Swarm member?

Organize Hives

  • Form local hives, or small groups with your neighborhood friends, or groups specific to your country. (example: “BSOV España” or “BSOV USA“).
  • Organize local events, or events online.

Spread the word

Start by joining the BSOV Swarm Telegram chat – A group for sharing your BSOV-related posts; and upvote and comment on other people’s posts.

  • Follow all social media channels of BSOV and share their content.
  • Share information about BSOV and the Deflationary Currency Movement online to relevant places. (Topic examples: Cypherpunk/Freedom/Liberty/Financial Freedom/Cryptocurrency)
  • Print out all the pages of the “Burning Handbook for Deflationists” and give to your friends.
  • Help your friends and family create wallets and send them a little BSOV.

Don’t let anyone tell you what to do

You do not need to ask for permission before you do anything. The responsibility is yours, and mistakes are expected.

Brainstorm to create more ideas

Come to the BitcoinSOV (BSOV) Telegram chat to brainstorm with the community to create even more ideas.