BSOV History Timeline

The BitcoinSOV community has had a tendency to do work, rather than making promises and ambitious roadmaps. Here is a collection of some of the milestones and work that happened through the history of BSOV.

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4th of April: Comparison chart between US Dollar (USD), Gold (XAU), Bitcoin (BTC) and BitcoinSOV (BSOV)


29th of March: Article: by R.L Bryer: “BSOV Making Waves in 2020” [Medium] []

15th of March: Infographic: BSOV is featured in “Basic Info of Deflationary Coins

6th of March: Article: by R.L Bryer: “BSOV Gets Listed on Mercatox - Price Spikes 82%” [Medium] []

5th of March: BSOV listed on


28th of February: Article: by R.L Bryer: “BitcoinSOV and The Coming Swarm” [Medium] or []

27th of February: In total over 3,500,000 BSOV had been mined.

25th of February: Changed domain from ->

18th of February: Article: by R.L Bryer: “BitcoinSOV — Blockchain’s New Entirely Decentralized-Community- Driven Project” [Medium] or []

13th of February: In total over 1,000,000 BSOV was timelocked in SovCube 1.0

8th of February: BSOV gets listed on

5th of February: 75,000 BSOV had been burnt in total.


29th of January: In total over 750,000 BSOV had been timelocked in SovCube 1.0

15th of January: 3,000,000 BSOV had been mined, reaching 14% of max supply.

13th of January: Book: BitcoinSOV’s Burning Handbook for non-violent Deflationists” was published.

5th of January: The “Stop government’s monopoly of currency”was created.

3th of January: The newly redesigned website was published.



14th of December: 50,000 BSOV had been burnt in total.

26th of December: In total over 500k BSOV was timelocked in SovCube 1.0

2nd of December: In total over 200k BSOV was timelocked in SovCube 1.0


8th of November: New logo wins community vote (the current logo).

1st of November: Live-AMA

1st of November: In total over 100k BSOV was timelocked in SovCube 1.0


30th of October: Medium article: “There is a lot happening in November, 2019 for BitcoinSOV (BSOV)

21st of October: 2,500,000 BSOV had been mined, reaching nearly 12% mined of max supply.


25th of September: was published.

9th of September: Medium article: “No. BitcoinSOV (BSOV) is not a fork of BitcoinSV (BSV)”


29th of August: 25,000 BSOV had been burnt in total.

24th of August: 2,000,000 BSOV had been mined, reaching nearly 10% of max supply.

12th of August: Medium article: “BitcoinSoV: The Deflationary, Proof-of-Work Store of Value Solution.”

9th of August: Over 50k BSOV had been timelocked in total.

7th of August: BSOV gets listed for trading at Legacy.DDEX

2nd of August: The Timelock contract was created. (Now known as SovCube 1.0) – With instructions on Reddit


20th of July: 10,000 BSOV had been burnt in total.

12th of July: First BSOV pool opened, called “Hashtables”.


28th of June: 100+ members in the Telegram chat.

26th of June: 1,000 BSOV had been burnt in total.

22nd of June: The @BitcoinSOVCommunity Telegram chat was created.

17th of June: The BSOV contract was deployed with this transaction.

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Color code explanation

Green = Mined tokens

Blue = Burnt tokens

Purple = Timelocked tokens

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