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Buy BSOV easily with Uniswap v2!

(NOTE: Selling BSOV with Uniswap v2 does not function at the moment. It is getting fixed. If you want to sell, then use another exchange.)

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BSOV Price

Go to Coingecko to see charts of BSOV price history.

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When you trade BSOV on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), then each trade is usually considered an on-chain transaction and 1% will be destroyed from each trade. On a Centralized Exchange (CEX) this will not happen, but usually there will be higher fees to withdraw and deposit to and from the exchange.

CAUTION – Double-check the orderbooks before depositing!

Some exchanges have inflated volume, which means that their high volume doesn’t represent the real demand and trading activity. It is recommended to always check how many BSOV are available in the order books before depositing your funds into an exchange. Historically, most of the real volume has been at DDEX.


DDEX has historically provided the most real volume for BSOV.

Recommended for longterm holders, because the tokens you buy will be directly sent to your wallet which is in your possession, so you avoid any unnecessary transaction burn by sending BSOV to and from a CEX. People from USA may have to use a VPN to access DDEX.

BSOV  ($ ) has been traded in the last 24h.

Swap BSOV with ETH, USDC or DAI

Add liquidity & earn fees -> BSOV-ETH (stats)

NOTICE: Selling a deflationary token (BSOV) and removing liquidity is currently not supported by the Uniswap UI, so if you’re planning to become a BSOV Liquidity Provider, then be certain that you’re comfortable having your funds in the pool until the Uniswap team has provided a solution to their UI, or if anyone else forks the Uniswap repository and creates an alternative.



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Listing was paid with donated funds (see growth)

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